Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Intel Shows Its Vision of the Interactive Future

By Tom Fiske

Intel Corporation’s CEO Brian Krzanich gave an interesting and compelling keynote address at SID’s Display Week conference in San Jose this morning. His thesis is that the relentless pace of Moore’s law will lead to richer and more engaging interactivity with our devices. RealSense, a collection of sensors and software provided by Intel, enables 3D scanning and sensing of the environment. He and his colleagues demonstrated face recognition and hand gesture control, face-to-face interaction for online video gamers and remote meetings, and technology for more efficient warehouse management. He also demonstrated 3D scanning to 3D printing, real-time collaborative remote working with virtual 3D objects, a floating “piano” interface, and augmented-reality interactive gaming on top of a real-world space. All of these can be made possible by enhanced and rich sensing of the ambient environment and the user.

Krzanich delivered the message that we are on the cusp of something new, and I do not doubt it. Not even mentioned here are location tracking, body sensors, and a wealth of other sensing technologies. New and compelling applications will certainly be found that take advantage of these and other new capabilities. Technical developments make these things possible. We also reveal more of ourselves to gain convenience or capability. Like any technology enhancement, we have to make our own determination as to when the technology adds sufficient value to induce us to part with our dollars -- and to give up a bit more of our privacy.

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