Wednesday, June 3, 2015

10K from BOE Debuts at Display Week

By Steve Sechrist

BOE showed off an impressive 10K display at Display Week. The 10240 x 4320 pixel display (in 21:9 format) is a “technical development” model that comes in a large 82-inch diagonal display, according to development engineer XinXin Mu of BOE. She told us the panel is a one-off that demonstrates the cutting edge of the high-resolution capabilities of BOE as the company begins looking downstream at the future of both display size and resolution. The panel uses a direct LED backlit scheme that is the major reason this behemoth set consumes a whopping 1100W of power. She also said pixel addressing is done from both top and bottom, and uses a standard ASi backplane.   

Even at close-in distance, individual pixels were beyond human visual acuity (at least this human’s pair of eyes) and close inspection of the amazing video images (provided by an upscaled NHK source) revealed such minute detail like a single bird discernable in a wide city view shot, sitting atop the Brandenburg Gate, or details of the rotating restaurant from a distance shot of the Berlin tower. The images are simply stunning. 

BOE PR rep Aly Langfeifei told us the display is meant to underscore just how far China based fabs, (and BOE in particular) have progressed in their technology development, 
So take the opportunity to treat your eyes to the future of displays with this 10K beauty. We were also told work is going on to modify the technology and prepare it for commercial release in the (not too distant) future.

Xinxin Mu, Lt, Aly Langfeifei

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